KingsVille is a city of approximatly one million people functually replacing what would be Columbus, Ohio.

As a large city it has many various subsections and suburbs. Most people within the city live in modest middle-income housing but the poor and destitute often find themselves living or squatting in an area known as The Swamps. Nicknamed so because of the almost constant heat and humidity attributed to it by being adjacent to many industrial factories.

One of the many landmarks in the city is commonly known as the “Red Road” that runs almost the entire length of the cities downtown and nicer areas. It’s true name is “Crimson Avenue” named so because of the original red bricks that the avenue was constructed of. When it was later paved over by modern technologies, the name stuck with it. On Crimson Avenue many of the major landmarks and sites to be seen can be found including the KingsVille University, home of the Hawks a popular and successful college football team, and the “Kingsville Office of Science and Ingenuity”, KOSI for short.

A short distance away from the city itself is the KingsVille Land Reservation Project. An untouched five-hundred square miles of land and forest left solely over to nature. Home to many species of flora and fauna, It can sometimes be a dangerous place for the foolish. Many species of bears and wild cats live in the area and every few years someone seems to go missing, never to be found again.

Unfortunatly not being immune to street crime Kingsville has been subject for several years to a street gang known as The Hammers. Usually dealing in drugs and prostituion, The Hammers have in recent times upped their game to armed robbery, assassination for hire, and bank heists under the leadership of their new boss known as Strongarm and his lieutenants.

Of the major companies in the area the largest and most succesfull is Chimera Chemical. Specializing in developing new chemical compounds and having many subsidiaries, rumors abound of illegal animal testing, corporate espionage, and shady dealings. Among many of the commercial products in the city can be found Chimera Chemical’s corporate emblem.


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