Prologue Part 1

Upon waking up in the woods after the lab accident that gave him his powers, Franklyn Webb aka Primal Rage discovered Derrick Jacobs aka DJ in the Kingsville Land Reseveration Project, DJ having just survived the spaceship crash that brought him to the area during his exodus from the gladiatoral ship he was on.

Unable to control the animal fury that newly dwelt within him and seeing the destruction of the forest around him Primal Rage flew after DJ in a short but vicious battle. Brought back to his senses during the struggle, Primal and DJ both fled the scene shortly afterwards. Primal wondering where the hell his clothes were.

In another location Janice Wilburson was working late at Warbucks. Jack Colter infiltrated the building to try and find some information about finding himself a new body. After being discoverd by janice, They engaged in a short game of cat and mouse until finally talking to each other directly about their unusual situations.



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